Market analysis

A sound market analysis is based on strong insights into markets, consumers, competitors and trends. At Habo, we seek to help our clients understand the market potential of their product or service. To evaluate their potential success, four factors must be considered:
— the attractiveness of the product or service;
— the attractiveness of the market;
— the competitive environment;
— key trends and success factors.

At the end of a market analysis, our clients are able to better understand the product-market fit, the value creation potential of their product or service, and the actionable steps required to bring it to market.

What we do

Our goal is to help our clients develop a set of practical and interlocking capabilities that reveal the data relevant to their situation. In turn, they can exploit this information and engage in informed decision-making. Given the varying industries and potential goals of the clients, we demonstrate agility in our processes and adapt to the needs of each mandate.

Our market analysis process includes:
— Analyzing the competitive landscape, market trends, and market dynamics;
— Validating interest in value propositions via quantitative or qualitative marketing research;
— Defining a strategic positioning based on our analysis of market data and consumer insights;
— Developing business models and/or monetization strategies.

How we can help

Analysis of market attractiveness

We analyze the market potential of products or services using secondary data analysis and market expert interviews. We aim to quantify the market potential and understand the market dynamics, including the value chain, market volume and value, competitive landscape, geomarketing data, trends and key success factors.

Analysis of product potential

Using our internalized market research capabilities, we use consumer surveys, individual interviews, ethnography and other quantitative or qualitative methods to reach potential B2C or B2B clients and determine their interest in the value proposition. We aim to understand purchase intent, purchase drivers and barriers, psychological pricing, optimal product positioning, and other business parameters relevant to the project for the identified market segments.

Definition of the strategic positioning

Our team can help define the optimal strategic positioning for the product or service. We formulate the vision and ambition for the project, optimize or redefine the value proposition, determine the most suitable differentiation strategy, and identify the most relevant key strategic imperatives that will catalyze the success of the project.

Development of the business model

Our team develops business models based on the key business drivers determined in the strategic positioning stage. We aim to optimize value creation while taking into account operational and financial parameters. We complete this process by building a financial model, used to demonstrate the potential of the product or service to the organization, its stakeholders and its investors.

Action plan

We identify the tangible actions that our clients should focus on. We highlight tactics, actions, who is responsible for what, required resources, budgets, timelines, and milestones to be reached. We accompany our clients through work sessions to ensure that teams are engaged and mobilized, and that the action plan can be achieved.

Case studies

At Habo, we’ve supported many clients with their market analysis. The following is a selection of the market analysis case studies that Habo has brought to fruition:

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