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The increasing use of expensive VFX and elaborate animation techniques has heightened revenues in the industry, and pushed up feature film budgets in recent years. This may sound like good news for animation and VFX creators, but finding work with major studios, broadcasters and streamers can be very challenging. They are highly selective about which production companies they work with.

Film, animation and VFX companies need to ensure visibility with the big players while independent creators need to understand the market well enough to produce films (and related services) that align with consumer demand.

Our in-depth market research helps clients increase the visibility of their projects and align their offering with consumer demand.

At Habo, we help a variety of clients in this sector, from studios and broadcasters to streamers, and we understand the challenges of the industry.

We use our industry knowledge, business perspective and financial abilities to help film, VFX and animation studios successfully position themselves as respected partners within the industry.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

With audience preferences forever changing, it can be hard to know where to look for the next success. We help producers identify promising concepts, assess market trends and measure the market potential of different themes.

We partner with clients to assist them with strategic planning. Our independence gives us the benefit of an outsider’s perspective, which means we can take a step back and see the bigger picture. We are often better able to see the advantages and disadvantages of a particular production, and where our clients should focus their resources.

We help clients to identify strategic growth markets for geographic expansion and to validate their organization’s potential for diversifying its activities.

Case Studies

At Habo, we have developed marketing strategies for companies operating in a variety of different technology sectors, thereby allowing them to maintain their competitive edge and increase their profits in a crowded market.