Museums and cultural
institutions consulting services

People have been adopting new forms of technologies (AR and VR, pop-up experiences, immersive content, etc.) with great enthusiasm, but this is altering their expectations and forces traditional artistic and cultural institutions to rethink what they do. Museums have been exploring new and innovative ways to tell their story so they can stay relevant and reach this changing audience. 

As their target clientele becomes increasingly connected and drawn to new forms of media, cultural institutions such as museums must review their strategies and adapt their programming, because to rely on old approaches means to risk losing them.

We provide data and knowledge to build a robust marketing plan that engages and excites new audiences.

Our museum and cultural institutions expertise will help both institutions and content creators stage cutting-edge projects, identify growth opportunities and achieve deeper visitor engagement. We understand the industry and can assist museums and cultural institutions with valuable marketing insights and financial knowledge that will help them flourish.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

Habo supports museums and other cultural institutions with their long-term strategic planning. We help them to identify the strategic and financial gaps between where an institution is now and where it wants to be.

For an institution to succeed, it needs to understand its target audience. Such visitor intelligence empowers providers to deliver a responsive service and to invest in the kind of programming that they know visitors will want to experience.

We assist institutions to gain this kind of insight using post-visit surveys, and with conducting quantitative research projects among the target audiences that they would like to reach.

Before committing too many resources to a project, Habo can help institutions identify market potential for new concepts or exhibitions. We conduct surveys, focus groups, and individual interviews to properly measure market potential.

Social media and new ways of reaching the audience sometimes require an adaptation of the marketing strategy. Habo can help institutions deploy a marketing strategy that serves both organizational and project-specific objectives.

Case Studies

The following is a selection of case studies related to the museum and cultural institutions sector that Habo has brought to fruition: