Location-based entertainment
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Location-based entertainment (LBE) satisfies people who want to experience something that makes them laugh, learn, or stare in wonder. LBE uses new immersive tools and technologies (from spatial design to virtual reality) to amplify in-person experiences. Recent innovations are opening up all kinds of new possibilities that audiences are keen to explore.

The market potential is attractive for owners and operators. However, in the early days of this fast-evolving market, building value propositions and business models comes with a high level of risk. Habo has been involved with LBE for some time, and we can guide decision makers to make intelligent choices about where it’s best to invest for success.

We help LBE project leaders maximize the reach and revenue potential of their projects.

Location-based entertainment can benefit hugely from data-driven insights into its visitors’ behaviors and habits. We are experts in crafting marketing strategies that engage audiences and meet revenue targets. We also provide support through our financial analysis abilities and our understanding of industry specifics.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

We help to explore the viability of new ideas. Our experts use secondary data and interviews with market experts to find answers about the potential of new ideas, or the geographic expansion of existing concepts. We evaluate market dynamics including the value chain, volume, competitive landscape, trends, and key success factors.

Once an idea for an LBE has been validated, our team develops business models based on the key business drivers determined at the strategic positioning stage. We aim to optimize value creation for our clients while taking into account their operational and financial constraints.

We use research and analysis to determine the commercial power of intellectual properties that could be leveraged to develop LBE experiences, and the value that they can bring to business models.

An LBE may be ready to move forward but still requires financial backing. In this case, Habo assists clients create a funding strategy and helps them find suitable investors or brands to partner with, i.e. ones that fit the concept and work well in support of the narrative.

Some LBE operators may need to reposition their brand and their marketing strategy in order to grow market share. Habo can help in this regard by optimizing a brand and marketing strategy that secures long-term audience loyalty and cements a consistent brand image.

Case Studies

At Habo, we have developed marketing strategies for companies operating in a variety of different technology sectors, thereby allowing them to maintain their competitive edge and increase their profits in a crowded market.