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Globally, the amusement park market reached a value of over $50 billion in 2020 and is expected to approach $90 billion by 2025. Beyond traditional rides and experiences, theme and amusement parks are adding new elements that leverage modern technology to appeal to younger consumers.

The increasing adoption of technology is set to drive the growth of the theme park industry. Ensuring that visitors have a clear understanding of a park’s offerings and differentiation factors is key to maintaining momentum year after year, season after season.

We help amusement park operators navigate rapidly changing markets and capture hidden value.

Using our industry experience, we assist amusement park operators in identifying their targets, understanding customer perceptions, and quantifying the commercial potential of their offerings.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

Understanding the target audience is a prerequisite for success. It enables companies to adapt their offerings to meet customers’ changing requirements. We help clients listen to the voice of visitors by leveraging pre- and post-visit surveys that provide a better understanding of what interests and motivates them.


For a company developing a new concept or offering, it sometimes makes strategic sense to partner with a strong brand to help the project gain credibility in target markets. Habo recognizes that different intellectual properties require different approaches, and we can help validate the market potential of each one.

A typical theme park, amusement park, or water park incurs substantial fixed costs that challenge profitability. Habo can help create a business model that addresses this challenge by optimizing costs and maximizing revenues.


We also support clients by helping them understand their target customer base. We use carefully constructed methodologies to uncover the key drivers of visitor satisfaction, giving operators the tools they need to continually align their offerings with their audience’s needs and wants.

Case Studies

At Habo, we have developed marketing strategies for companies operating in a variety of different technology sectors, thereby allowing them to maintain their competitive edge and increase their profits in a crowded market.