Marketing and brand strategy

At Habo, we help our clients understand who their target audience is, how their brand is perceived and how much value it delivers.

How do we deploy a marketing strategy that is aligned with the company’s product? Our team defines the core elements of the brand and develops strategies to communicate them within the market in a way that represents the product. Our goal is to achieve an optimal match between the product and the market.

What we do

We walk the line between art and science, between intuition and data. We collect insights, rigorously analyze them and use the results to formulate robust marketing and brand strategies that our clients will find to be easily deployable.

Our clients come to us with a wide variety of marketing and brand strategy needs, such as:
— Examining customer behaviors in order to understand what motivates and drives them to choose a product or service;
— Aligning their business strategies with their marketing strategies to help them achieve the organization’s overall business objectives;
— Understanding the health of a brand and how to elevate brand perception and build brand equity;
— A full understanding of consumers and customers and their needs: who are they and what are they looking for? What do they want? How do we attract them?

How we can help

Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy arises from the business objectives, and we always start by identifying our clients’ goals and needs. Then, by understanding their target audience in-depth, we develop strategies and tactics to best reach their target consumers and keep them engaged. We aim to improve and optimize the marketing or communication strategies based on their unique position in the market.

Brand strategy

We walk companies through the stakes and opportunities that their brands hold. We assist them in developing the brand’s positioning or repositioning, as the case may be. We look to identify the brand pillars—its backbone, in a sense—on which it can solidly build its brand. Our ambition is to assist in the expansion of a coherent brand image and product portfolio.

Marketing action plan

We analyze the efficiency of the marketing activities in order to improve efforts and optimize future actions. This diagnosis lets us define the guidelines for the key actions to be taken.

Case studies

At Habo, we’ve supported many clients with their marketing and brand strategy projects. The following is a selection of the marketing strategy case studies that Habo has brought to fruition:

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