Multimedia consulting services

Multimedia is seen as a high-growth industry, with estimates suggesting that its market size has more than doubled in only the last few years. One reason for this surge in demand is that consumers are eager for the innovative and engaging experiences that multimedia entertainment can deliver.

However, since this industry is still blooming, marketing channels and business models have not yet been adapted to accommodate these new products and services. Companies entering this sector will also find it challenging to understand market potential given how diverse the range of customers is.

We help multimedia businesses navigate rapidly changing markets and capture hidden value.

We have a strong track record of helping companies to identify their target markets, understand their customers’ perceptions and assess the commercial potential of their offerings.

We are well versed in multimedia, so our clients can benefit from our strong understanding of this growing sector, our marketing expertise and our financial analysis skills in this domain.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

We assist companies in this sector with their strategic planning. We help them identify their long-term objectives based on the products and services that they offer and the geographical areas they target.

We accompany clients as they explore and assess promising new concepts and we help them to shape the new business models that these often require. We also support our clients to identify the key success factors that must be in place if they are to meet their objectives.

Connections are important in this dynamic industry. While attending trade shows and industry events is one of several useful activities that businesses should consider, it is necessary to plan and review all such efforts within a well-thought-out framework. We help our clients to create B2B marketing plans that give them a blueprint for better results.

Case Studies

The following is a selection of case studies related to the multimedia industry that Habo has brought to fruition: