Video gaming consulting services

The video games industry is now worth $176 billion and it serves three billion players who represent a wider array of profiles than ever before.

It seems as if there’s now a game for almost every niche, and with worldwide visibility available through online platforms, it has never been easier for gaming studios to put their offerings in front of a vast audience of potential customers.

Because of it, success in the gaming industry is by no means straightforward. Relatively low barriers to entry have encouraged a flood of competitors, and a few industry giants with formidable advertising budgets can ensure their games dominate the market, leaving small and medium-sized studios to struggle for visibility.

We help our clients to know what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive video game industry.

Habo has undertaken multiple studies of this market. We understand its dynamics with enough clarity to measure the success potential of new concepts. We use our understanding of the video game industry, our marketing expertise and our financial skills to deliver outstanding results.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

In a highly competitive industry with a vast range of titles, we help developers and designers understand gamers’ interests and their appetite for different video game concepts and themes, helping them to reduce the associated risks and boost their game’s chances of success at launch and beyond.

The fact that there are so many video game genres and sub-genres can sometimes make it difficult for developers, editors or investors to understand where their offering fits in the market and its revenue potential. Using data analysis, surveys and focus groups, we help studios quantify how many players could be interested in their game and its genre, and understand what channels they should use to reach them.

For a game to achieve its sales objectives, it needs adequate funding and enough visibility on distribution channels to make it discoverable. We help studios complete market studies that support their funding pitches and applications, and we also help orient the marketing strategy to maximize discoverability.

It can be good to explore new ways of reaching audiences, such as via a new social media platform, but the marketing strategy may not always fit. Habo can help clients to adapt their marketing strategies to fulfill both business objectives and project-specific goals.

Every successful video game starts with a strong idea and unique creative vision, but to fully realize its potential, creators and producers need to lay the groundwork for its long-term viability with a clear financial model that also helps to convince investors. We help developers and editors succeed by finding the right balance between creativity and business.

Case Studies

The following is a selection of case studies related to the entertainment industry that Habo has brought to fruition: