Marketing research

Marketing Research

At Habo, data is central to our process, and we believe in the power of data to align consumers’ needs and market realities with each client’s value proposition and business strategy. We conduct marketing research projects as part of a broader strategic planning process or market analysis.

What we do

Our goal is to help our clients develop a set of practical and interlocking capabilities that reveal and maximize the profitable use of the data relevant to their situation.

In particular:
— Understanding markets, consumers, and consumer segments to inform the business strategy, value proposition, and marketing strategy;
— Evaluating brand health, equity, and performance;
— Validating market potential for an existing or new product or service;
— Evaluating the performance of marketing campaigns (pre- and post-campaign).

How we can help

Quantitative marketing research (surveys)

Our consumer research capabilities cover a wide range of needs and objectives, including analyzing a brand’s target audiences, measuring the health of a brand and the efficiency of its marketing initiatives, testing consumers’ reactions to new concepts, or understanding consumers’ attitudes toward products or services.

Focus groups

We leverage focus groups to meet consumers face-to-face and understand their emotional reactions to brands, products or services. We also use focus groups to test new ideas and help creative or engineering teams align their creative process with consumers’ needs.

Individual interviews (B2B and B2C)

We conduct individual interviews for both B2B and B2C mandates to gather in-depth knowledge, feedback, and insights. The use cases range from seeking employee feedback to capturing consumer interest in a product or service all the way to gathering best practices in any given field.


It can sometimes be challenging for a consumer to articulate their feelings or the details of their experiences. In these circumstances, we use ethnographic methods like observation and in-person visits that allow us to experience first-hand consumer behavior and gather insights that would otherwise have gone overlooked.

Case studies

At Habo, we’ve supported many clients with their marketing research projects. Here are some examples.

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