Touring exhibition consulting services

The touring exhibitions sector is diverse with exhibitions varying in terms of size, budget and revenue. Some are self-hosted, while others tour museums and other cultural institutions. Some are blockbuster international exhibitions designed for mass-market appeal, while others aim their highly-targeted content at smaller niche audiences.

From the largest to the smallest, every touring exhibition depends on a complex business model. Producers face high initial investments and the prospect of only recouping them over the long term, while venues need strong concepts that can build awareness quickly and generate enough footfall within the limited time available.

We help touring exhibition leaders maximize the reach and revenue potential of their projects.

We have expertise in building business models that help touring exhibitions succeed. We understand the perspectives of both their producers and the venues that host them, and we use our marketing specialisms, financial skills and industry knowledge to help them build a solid plan for success.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

Whatever its size, every new exhibition project is a costly gamble, so commissioners and creators need to understand the likely risks and rewards involved before they start. Habo has the market analysis expertise to validate the potential of the exhibition and identify its most promising markets.

Partnering with a strong brand is one way of lending credibility to a new concept, and doing this at the development stage can have strategic marketing benefits for the project. However, a successful touring exhibition is built on the right intellectual property. Habo conducts in-depth market research to help organizations validate the potential of intellectual properties and end up with the most successful outcome.

With touring exhibits, the business model is as important as the creative concept. In order to ensure a good price positioning and realistic sales forecasts, Habo assists companies with identifying the business parameters of the concept, including transportation and international distribution issues.

From one country to another, or even between regions, the same projects or concepts can generate completely different reactions from the target audience. That’s why Habo has developed the expertise to understand different markets to ensure the international success of touring exhibitions.

Companies in this sector often form associations with renowned brands. Habo assists clients to create the right development strategy and helps them find brands that fit well with the concept and its narrative.

Case Studies

The following is a selection of case studies related to the touring exhibitions sector that Habo has brought to fruition: