Mixed, virtual and augmented
reality consulting services


Mixed, virtual and augmented reality technologies (collectively known as extended reality or XR) are evolving rapidly and finding many applications within the entertainment and cultural industries, as well as powering enterprise and educational solutions. While XR solutions are still in the early phases of adoption, their user base is steadily increasing.

Even though new technologies such as 5G will improve the delivery of this new type of content, entertainment companies still face challenges in finding the best business models to encourage wider adoption.

We help innovative brands launch and run successful XR products and marketing campaigns.

Having worked with a variety of XR producers using different monetization models and channels in the immersive experience and gaming industries, we understand the challenges of this developing field. We use our industry knowledge, marketing expertise and financial understanding to help businesses navigate this sector with confidence and improve user experience.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

In this nascent industry where creators and producers are deploying their business models in uncertain territory, we are there to shine a light, helping them to understand consumer interest and their appetite for XR concepts and experiences. Our insights and approach help businesses to mitigate the risks and optimize each new endeavor for a much better chance of success.

The XR industry often calls for big investments in research and development. At the same time, revenue sources can be highly uncertain. To manage this imbalance, we help organizations build business models and financial plans that can demonstrate long-term value creation potential to stakeholders and investors.

When producers and investors need to understand how well their content is performing and the reasons why it may be either struggling or flourishing, we have various tools at our disposal to give them a clearer picture. We use data analysis, focus groups, and surveys to deliver the answers that help them to optimize their offerings and achieve success.

There are many kinds of intellectual properties that could be adapted for use within XR, but the question is, should they? We have developed methodologies, tools and benchmarks to measure the strengths of intellectual properties and to forecast how well it will translate to other mediums.

Developers of XR’s three main technologies (AR, VR, MR) have found that they lend themselves to many different areas, including Location-Based Entertainment (LBE), VR arenas, cultural institutions, video gaming, with more opportunities being added all the time. As the scope of adoption expands, we can use our experience of evaluating diverse business models to help creators and producers select the most appropriate strategy for their content.

Case Studies

At Habo, we have supported many companies and organizations with their projects in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) sector. The following is a selection of some of the Extended Reality (XR) case studies in which we have been involved: