Financial strategy

Financial strategy

At Habo, our approach to financial strategy and financial planning involves measuring the potential of a product, a service or an enterprise to generate value.

All the projects we undertake are shaped by the specific needs of the client, and Habo’s expertise in business model design, financial modeling, and capital structure optimization means we are well placed to fulfill them.

What we do

The goal is to help clients understand their financial structure according to their business model and to understand their key business drivers to make the right decisions and optimize their value.

This is achieved by:
— Understanding how the operations work, and identifying and designing the most efficient business model;
— Identifying the key drivers of the business model which guide how the cost and revenue structures operate;
— Modelling the projections according to management goals, market demand and the organization’s capacity and resources;
— Optimizing the financial structure according to the client’s available resources, the shareholders’ objectives, and the financial options;
— Ensuring that the company’s financial management is aligned with its business objectives, in order to create or maintain a strategic advantage.

How we can help

Business model design

We draw up a business model to understand precisely which key resources, partners and activities are required internally and externally to deliver and market a value proposition that generates revenue streams with an optimized cost structure.

Financial modeling

We create a specific financial model for our clients to measure the value creation potential. We build a tool that can easily be modified and updated by the client according to the evolution of their business over time. The tool also allows the client to monitor the financial results on a recurring basis.

Capital structure optimization

Based on the business model, our client’s resources, and the shareholders’ objectives, we propose a capital structure that will help maximize the value and the potential return on investment.

Case Studies

At Habo, we’ve supported many clients with their financial strategy projects. Here are some examples.

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