Family entertainment centers
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With the growing desire of families to spend more quality time together, entertainment companies have begun to adapt their offers, resulting in the creation of Family Entertainment Centers (FEC), offering various entertainment experiences and recreational activities under one roof.

In this emerging market, decision-makers need help to understand which attractions, products, or services will appeal most to which audiences.

We help Family entertainment centers maximize their reach and revenue potential.

Family entertainment centers can benefit hugely from data-driven insights into their customers’ behaviors and habits. Habo has the expertise to garner the information needed to make well-informed decisions and author actionable strategic plans.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

When doubts exist about the viability of a new idea, our experts analyze its potential in local, domestic and international markets using primary and secondary data, as well as market expert interviews. We evaluate the market dynamics, providing guidance and valuable insights into the value chain, volume, competitive landscape, trends, and key success factors.

Research and marketing analysis can help you acquire the most promising IP. We use proprietary methodologies, tools, and benchmarks to determine which IP has the best potential as an FEC.

Once an idea for an FEC has been validated, our team develops business models based on the key business drivers determined in the strategic positioning stage. We aim to optimize value creation while considering operational and financial constraints.

If an FEC owner has ambitions to deploy the concept into other markets and territories, we can help to identify potential markets, prioritize target markets, and create a roadmap to ensure a successful geographic expansion.

Some FEC owners require a reorientation of their brand and marketing strategies to grow market share. We can help optimize marketing strategies that deliver a coherent brand positioning and ensures a strong and lasting connection with the audience.

Case Studies

At Habo, we have developed marketing strategies for companies operating in a variety of different technology sectors, thereby allowing them to maintain their competitive edge and increase their profits in a crowded market.