Strategic planning

Strategic planning

At Habo, we support organizations with clear strategic plans and ready-to-deploy solutions, always striving to find the best way forward for our clients.

As a company evolves, so do its requirements. But dealing with endless daily tasks can make these hard to see. That is why an outside perspective on the direction a company is taking can be so valuable.

Our strategic planning process helps businesses reassess and clarify their goals so they can steer their teams through new waters with greater confidence.

What we do

We walk the line between art and science, between intuition and data. We collect insights, rigorously analyze them and use the results to formulate strategic roadmaps that our clients will find to be easily deployable.

We transform business challenges into action. Our clients come to us with a wide variety of strategic planning needs, such as:

— Conducting in-depth analysis into the company’s markets, both current and potential;
— Determining the best path for growth either by introducing new products or services, or by expanding into new markets;
— Introducing new value propositions and ensuring operational and financial viability;
— Optimizing a company’s financial stability, focusing on the top line and the bottom line.

How we can help

Growth strategy

A business can be successful in its early stages based on a strong value proposition, along with an empowering culture and a highly driven team. However, long-term growth requires vision, stamina, and a great deal of control over the ever-multiplying facets of the business as it grows. Habo helps ensure that clients identify the best paths to growth, and maintain steady control of their organization through periods of expansion with a growth strategy that is tailored to suit their company, culture, and context.

Strategic planning process

We guide organizations towards tailored solutions to identify, clarify and rally around their key business objectives. Achieving these goals will lead to new challenges, so Habo helps determine their strategic priorities and lays out a realistic business plan.

Business model development

Whether a business is in the early stages of its development or is more firmly established in the market, we break down and analyze the different components of the business model and ensure that all the pieces are working together. We also build financial plans that demonstrate value creation and return on investment.

Geographic expansion

If an organization has ambitions to move into other markets and territories, we can help them identify potential markets, priority target markets and the roadmap needed to ensure a successful geographic expansion.


While some businesses are focused on growth, others just need a helping hand with streamlining their structure and optimizing their workflow. Habo can advise any business on the reorganization of its structure and operations.

Case studies

At Habo, we’ve assisted many clients with their strategic planning needs. Here are some examples.

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