Intellectual property strategy

Creative and entertainment organizations are turning increasingly to intellectual properties to help them create engaging experiences and attract large audiences. In 2021, 74% of U.S. box office revenue was tied to franchises and 43% of Broadway musicals were based on intellectual properties (such as a book, a movie or the life of a well-known personality). IPs are also at the heart of many theme parks and attractions, drawing in millions of visitors each year.

Entertainment producers are using intellectual properties to gain a competitive advantage and drive new revenue opportunities. IPs also play a strategic role in reducing the level of risk in a highly unpredictable and volatile industry. However, the rights can be expensive and not every IP will suit every project.

What we do

We have gained significant expertise in evaluating, building and optimizing intellectual properties. We use proprietary methodologies, tools, and benchmarks to guide organizations in leveraging the power of IPs for entertainment, creative and cultural experiences.

Our clients typically work with us to:
— Build and develop intellectual properties and maximize their value;
— Validate the potential of an intellectual property for an entertainment product;
— Identify the IPs that resonate the most with target consumers;
— Assess the financial value of IPs based on consumers’ willingness to spend.

How we can help

IP owners and managers

Achieving the long-term growth of intellectual properties not only requires a strong base during the early stages but also a clear strategic roadmap. It also takes vision and a great deal of control over all an IP’s facets of an IP, including the creative and financial opportunities that can arise. Habo helps ensure that IP owners and managers identify the best paths to growth and maintain steady control of their IP with a strategy tailored to suit their company, cultural context, and available resources.

Creators, producers and licensees

It can be very tempting to work with an IP as the potential for success seems unlimited, but while that may be true of the right IP, it won’t be for those that do not align with the market and consumers. Habo helps creators, producers and licensees to strategically choose IPs and assess their value, then we develop strategies to maximize the chances that the projects based on them will succeed. Achieving business goals along the way will create new challenges, so Habo helps determine strategic priorities and sets out a realistic business plan.

Marketing agencies

Licensing and marketing agencies that work with intellectual properties are experts on their clients and their industries. They often call on Habo to complement their in-depth knowledge of their sectors with an additional strategic perspective. We can also feed the strategic and creative process with relevant data and insights on IPs, consumers and markets. We help agencies to ensure a perfect fit between products, IPs and markets.


Intellectual properties can be seen as investment opportunities. Some organizations purchase existing intellectual properties, while others invest in projects whose core value proposition is to release an IP’s potential. In both cases, Habo helps investors assess the value and potential of intellectual properties to maximize the return on their investments.

Case Studies

At Habo, we’ve supported many clients with their financial strategy projects. Here are some examples.

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