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Whether at home or on the move, consumers can now access more entertainment offerings than ever before, but their appetite for live experiences remains just as strong as it’s ever been (and maybe even stronger).

Although people are flocking to all kinds of live shows, it is difficult to predict which ones will succeed. That is why we believe that success lies in the perfect balance between art and science, between creative vision and business acumen. With several years of experience, we help our clients understand what live audiences really want, and how to maximize the chances of success of their productions.

We help outmaneuver uncertainty with our expertise in strategic planning, marketing research and financial modeling.

Our deep expertise in consumer behavior, industry trends and innovations inform every project we work on. Productions are shaped by creators, producers, and operators. We see the challenge from all angles to help their projects succeed both commercially and creatively.

Events and festivals Habo

Music, events and festivals

If you build it, will they come? We dive into the data to guide music, events and festivals producers towards the best decisions, the ones that will drive greater customer engagement, attendees’ satisfaction, and economic value.

Broadway show

Broadway and theatre

In this high-risk industry, we help creators and producers align their creative vision with both consumers’ needs and market dynamics to ensure the shows they create win lasting applause and lasting success.

Sports Habo


True fans are the most loyal of audiences, but owners can’t afford to take them for granted. We help sports properties engage authentically with their fans and create long-lasting brand equity that can drive value creation.


With years of experience and a team of dedicated experts, we excel in several areas that can benefit your company and your teams.

Case Studies

The following is a selection of case studies related to the live entertainment industry that Habo has brought to fruition: