Leveraging intellectual properties to enhance consumer experience

A creative studio was looking to develop new immersive exhibitions based on strong, yet undetermined intellectual properties. To ensure the project’s success in its target markets, the studio was looking to identify the intellectual properties that would generate the most interest among entertainment consumers in 10 North American cities.

Validate the market potential of a new educational touring exhibition

A studio creating immersive experiences needed to validate the market potential of a new traveling exhibition in development. However, the project presented a challenge: the theme chosen for the exhibition was niche and involved a risk of not being able to appeal to a mass audience. The client needed help to validate the project’s potential to solidify its business plan and raise financing.

Guide the development of a new museum dedicated to contemporary art

A well-established museum was working on the development of an extension of its current offering – a brand new building to be designed by a world-renowned architectural firm. Partly founded by public grants but also by private investors, the client needed guidance to build an economic model that would ensure the long-term viability of the project.

A new hospitality concept comes to life with an effective business plan

A new concept of experiential camping, halfway between glamping and immersion in nature, was in development. In order to validate the project and raise the required financing, the client needed a business plan validating the value proposition, market potential, strategy and business model.

Strategic planning for a contemporary art biennial

Strategic planning for a contemporary art biennial

A contemporary art biennial wanted to develop a strategy to maintain its success and sustainability. We organized strategic planning sessions and developed a strategic plan focused on 4 key imperatives, thereby ensuring that all members of the Board of Directors were aligned with respect to the vision and future of the event.

Ensuring the success of a new Broadway show based on a blockbuster movie

Concept validation for a Broadway show based on a blockbuster movie

Show producers based in New York were working on a new musical based on a blockbuster movie. However, in order to ensure the success of the conversion of this movie to a stage show, the producers needed to validate the commercial potential of the intellectual property on Broadway, as well as the creative latitude they could achieve with the film.

Strategic insights for a new type of immersive multimedia experience

Strategic insights for a new type of immersive multimedia experience

An entertainment company developed a new type of immersive live entertainment experience that was a hybrid of a nightclub and a multimedia show. Since the concept was so innovative, it was a high-risk project given the large investment involved. The company additionally wanted to understand the best potential markets where this concept could tour.