Help a blockbuster movie transition into a successful Broadway show

Concept validation for a Broadway show based on a blockbuster movie

Show producers based in New York were working on a new musical based on a blockbuster movie. However, in order to ensure the success of the conversion of this movie to a stage show, the producers needed to validate the commercial potential of the intellectual property on Broadway, as well as the creative latitude they could achieve with the film.

Choose intellectual properties that have real commercial potential

A company producing and touring travelling exhibitions wanted to develop new exhibitions to complement its portfolio and tour these exhibitions across the world. The company also needed to demonstrate the commercial potential of its new projects to co-producers across the world.

Analysis of a beer brand positioning

Analysis of a beer brand positioning

A microbrewery was a major player in its sector, but needed to understand how consumers perceived the brand. We organized focus groups with customers and did quantitative studies in 3 provinces: Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.