The first-ever study on the value of intellectual properties

Intellectual properties (IPs) are increasingly used in the entertainment, creative and licensing industries to create compelling experiences that attract mass audiences. However, in the eyes of consumers, not all IPs are created equal. They value and feel moved to engage with some IPs more than others. Building or working with an IP requires a strategic approach that takes into account the different dimensions of an intellectual property, such as awareness, consumers and fans acquisition, purchase intent, etc.

The number of entertainment experiences based on IPs is constantly growing. In 2021, 43% of Broadway musicals were based on intellectual properties and 79% of the revenue generated by the top 100 films at the U.S. box office came from franchises. IPs are also at the heart of theme parks and attractions, drawing in millions of consumers annually.

Discovering new value in intellectual property

The Habo IP Index first started with a hunch: through our projects, we realized that consumers often felt particularly involved emotionally when it comes to IPs and experiences designed around them. The stronger the emotional bond consumers feel towards a particular IP, the more they are willing to spend and the more emotionally invested they will be in the experiences or products based on that IP.

Despite the strategic importance of intellectuals properties, very few studies analyse the value of IPs for entertainment experiences and projects. This gap in understanding prompted Habo to create the Habo IP Index, a tool to help companies and brands make better strategic choices in regard to intellectual properties.

Habo asked over 5,300 consumers in the U.S. about which intellectual properties they currently feel the most meaningful connections with. We measured their relationship to IPs looking closely at 12 attributes.

To illustrate the power of the Habo IP Index, 70 of the top IPs in the U.S. across five different categories (movies, TV shows, video games, live shows and books) have been analyzed and ranked based on their value by triangulating three fundamental dimensions: Health, Love and Value.

Through this study, we have demystified the process of evaluating the value of an intellectual property. The Habo IP Index assesses the potential and strength of each IP based on consumer interest and perceptions.

Top 20 intellectual properties in the US in 2022 based on the Habo IP Index

Health, Love and Value

We put our model to the test and found that there are 3 dimensions that make an IP valuable: IP Health, IP Love and IP Value. In other words, we evaluate an IP first on its overall health indicators, second, according to how consumers and fans feel about it and finally, according to how well it can be monetized, deployed and extended in different categories.

What’s next?

Order our detailed IP dashboards and optimize the valuation of your creative assets.

Explore insights into the 70 most established IPs in the U.S. with our detailed dashboards, maximizing the commercial potential of your intellectual properties. From The Lion King to other top-ranking IPs, our dashboards provide an in-depth analysis of data, evaluating overall health indicators, consumer relationships, and monetization potential.

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