Determine the conditions of success for the creation of a nighttime IP-based experience

A producer of multimedia experiences was developing an immersive nighttime experience in the United Kingdom based on a well-known global intellectual property. As the producers were taking a financial risk with the project, they needed to validate its commercial viability as well as identify the optimal location from a series of six potential sites in the country.

Validate the market potential of a new educational touring exhibition

A studio creating immersive experiences needed to validate the market potential of a new traveling exhibition in development. However, the project presented a challenge: the theme chosen for the exhibition was niche and involved a risk of not being able to appeal to a mass audience. The client needed help to validate the project’s potential to solidify its business plan and raise financing.

Choose intellectual properties that have real commercial potential

A company producing and touring travelling exhibitions wanted to develop new exhibitions to complement its portfolio and tour these exhibitions across the world. The company also needed to demonstrate the commercial potential of its new projects to co-producers across the world.