Joëlle is a marketing research expert specializing in the creative industries. She leverages both quantitative and qualitative approaches, excelling in gaining a profound understanding of consumer behaviours and market trends.

Her early experiences in advertising took a decisive turn when she discovered her passion for entertainment at the experiential agency Youville Haussmann Park. Upon joining Habo, Joëlle commenced her journey as an analyst, swiftly making notable contributions to strategic projects. Her passion, natural curiosity, and expertise propelled her into key positions, culminating in her current role as Director, Marketing Intelligence and Senior Partner. In this capacity, she oversees the entire research team.

At the helm of this team, Joëlle brings data to life, extracting key insights on the market and consumers. These in-depth analyses inform strategic recommendations aimed at propelling both local and international brands to success. Her leadership and expertise make her an essential pillar in showcasing clients’ success stories.