Unlocking the commercial potential of IPs in the entertainment industry

Habo will soon be launching the first-ever intellectual property (IP) research of its kind: the Habo IP Index.

70 of the world’s largest IPs across five different categories (movies, TV shows, video games, shows and books) are being analyzed and ranked based on their commercial potential, triangulating:

― the IP’s ability to generate purchase intent;
― the IP’s monetization potential;
― and the IP’s elasticity across various entertainment and lifestyle categories.

Emotional connection drives consumer behavior

The more consumers are emotionally bonded to an IP, the more they are willing to spend, and the more they will transfer their emotions to experiences or products based on the IP. To determine which IPs have the highest commercial potential, we are conducting extensive market research surveying over 4,000 consumers across the United States.

An index that captures multiple variables

We have conducted a literature review of past research and developed a proprietary framework that places the consumer and their opinions at the center. This framework will help us:
― assess the overall health of the IPs;
― understand consumers’ emotional bond with the different IPs tested;
― and identify the IPs generating the highest purchase intent, willingness to pay and elasticity.

Intellectual property is a key asset

In entertainment today, IPs are considered essential to attract a large number of consumers and reduce the level of risk of entertainment projects. As a result, the Habo IP Index provides tools for business leaders to improve the commercial potential of their products or services to achieve extraordinary growth.

Stay tuned

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