The main parameters of interactive installations

Interactive installations generate memorable experiences and stimulate participant engagement, supporting the economic and social objectives of urban revitalization. These increasingly popular temporary installations offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing managers to regularly renew content and adapt spaces according to seasons and themes, while enriching local communities with works by international artists.

Evaluate the market potential of a large-scale immersive live entertainment experience

The producers of a large-scale immersive live entertainment experience wanted to conduct a detailed market study to validate their project’s commercial potential in terms of ticket volume and revenue, and to identify the key success factors for maximizing the success of the experience. The market study was also intended to approach investors and raise the funds needed to produce the experience.

Testing the market potential of a new genre of Family Entertainment Centers

A new kind of Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) was in development, imagined and designed by a new player in the industry. This entertainment offering would be built around exploration and creativity, targeting an intergenerational and multigenerational clientele and offering them an opportunity to play together.

Determine the conditions of success for the creation of a nighttime IP-based experience

A producer of multimedia experiences was developing an immersive nighttime experience in the United Kingdom based on a well-known global intellectual property. As the producers were taking a financial risk with the project, they needed to validate its commercial viability as well as identify the optimal location from a series of six potential sites in the country.